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What if working with DVDs, like authoring, encoding, burning, muxing, demuxing, and so on, could be packed into one suite?

I mean: Is someone (I'm really NOT gifted enough to do so) encouraged by this idea, to write a program in which users can integrate the programs they are used to work with instead of being forced to switch between up to six programs? For example like the KDE PIM Kontact...

This would be a step forward in multimedia interest.

I'm out for fair comments. Spare me unobjective comments.

Thanks 4 your opinion.


8 years ago

Can anyone give any advice on how to write an Owncloud App for this?
Just received a Nokia N9 and would be great to get this working. :)



14 years ago

I think of something like an entry point to MMsoftware, because I am also sad of jumping from app to app; lets call it "MM desktop portal".
As you said, you start developing your own if nothing is there.

But the question is:
How can you be sure that all apps are there for the "desktop portal" you offer or if configurable that a user can manage to configure, everthing works together and the apps offer all required support you think it should.
I started something like this based on all kinds of commandline tools Linux offers. And this is a lot of work and spending free time.

I use Gentoo since a few years and learned how flexible the software might be if compiled with the right parameters and depending apps. (lets say mplayer on GentooWS1 might support different options like mplayer on GentooWS2 and is different to SuSE rpm from the web; on one PC kaffeine works fine on the other not really or slow; Woody is not SID;...).

So, what I what to say, for a MM desktop portal there are a lot of dependencies and at the end the chance is unfortunately high that you start with an own distribution of Linux; would be also nice :-)

You can be sure that if you what the newest version of K3D to suport your needs that you need to get transcode newest version as well.

What I want to say is that there are are a lot of dependecies you have to cope with.
A first step could be that a user ticks together what is there a see how it ends (eg. burn CD/DVD-BURN->K3B, DVD-RIP->dvd:rip,TV-Watch->Kaffeine,MOVIE-RESAMPLING->avidemux,EPG->MolpineDVBxEPG,

Anyhow, I like the idea especially for MM!

But it should not be a MM desktop on top of a multi application desktop. Then you can just reduce the menu entries based on e.g. a profile, like informix sais, that also would be nice to have and could be a feature for KDE 3.6.



14 years ago

this would be a fine for a lot of (most?) users. On the other hand, you'll loose the flexibilty of *nix. Your example of KDE's pim:
good integration of the components
bad mailer :-(
I mean kmail isn't really the mailer I want (no procmail etc. etc. etc.), but I use it, because it's part of Kontact.
There should be a framework, where the user can add the components of his choice.
And if you need special solutions, you will use external tools again. So I think, it's best to KISS (keep it simple). Or do you want a MultimediaEmacs ;-)






14 years ago

This is what I think of...Just a frame where you integrate what you need, and when you run it, it loads the components into the background so that they are available to be chosen directly. Maybe this is to hard to be build?! If I'm tired of choosing one program after the other, I'll start programming myself...



14 years ago

.... and nobody was interested in it :(

It was called lms Linux Multimedia Suite and quiet impressive.

The user wants it ... the developer hates it :(

nowerdays I think that a task based k-start menu would be the best solution.

Or a good metabar located in konqueror.

For software-packages, hope lsb would find a standard .... I hope soon !




14 years ago

Oh, I must admit that I was infected with Linux after KDE 3 RC, so I didn't get to use this suite...Do you know what the name of this integrated application was? Could be assimilated into an up to date KDE!?


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