System Monitor 2
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Modification of standard KDE System Monitor ksysguard.

-This was forked out of branch 4.4, the latest release will include my custom modification plus all bug fixes from trunk and other code if deemed appropriate
-Binary for 64/32 included but compiled with lm-sensors so it needs to be installed otherwise use the source
-I only did the linux part so it won't work now for SunOs/FreeBSD/...
-To build source use same procedure as to build kdebase/workspace, basically cmake followed by make
-This should compile with kde > 4.2.X maybe even lower but haven't tried it. If lower the cmake file will need to be modified.

-Inherited from the main code the sensor associated with network do a dns resolve by default and takes a long time to refresh the first time (10 seconds sometime if there is a lot of connection). I might change the default to simply print the ip address as instead of resolving to localhost but for now the best is to set the refresh time of sheets including network sensor to 0 and refresh manually so it doesn't influence the boot time of the application.


7 years ago

-Rewrite of bar graph and graph hierarchy to now have a common code base for linear and bar graph. Hence, the new bar graph fits more with the standard linear graph and can also be aggregated like the standard linear graph.
-Added a stacked bar graph and a percentage graph. Stacked graph simply adds all the points together in a stack, my personal use of this graph is for memory monitoring. The percentage is the same concept than the stacked graph except that the value are shown as a percentage of value/total sensor value
-Added a stacked linear graph
-Added sample sheets in example/sheets folder showing the memory bar stack and an aggregate bandwidth bar
-Change default pixel time period to 6
-Now labels are scaled individually so there will be no more value like 0.008GiB/7.8Gib instead it will be properly shown as 8MiB/7.8GiB
-Fix bug with sensor reordering
-Fix bug with the setting window legend flow not being set properly
-Reorganize source in different folders
-More optimization and clean up

-Added support to have multiple ksysguardd compatible daemon per host name
-Fix the fancy plotter settings window being too large after the change to spin box
-Fix some problem with remote hosts
-Optimization of start up sequence so gui comes up quicker
-Other optimization and refactoring to optimize having the daemon compiled in
-Bug fixes from trunk merged in

- Added a new system tray so you can leave the application collecting/graphing data in the background and not have it clutter your system bar. The system tray shows the total cpu load or the system monitor icon if the cpu load is too small to be graphed, i.e. smaller then 3% on a system tray with 22x22 pixel icon

- Merged from trunk some bug fixes and replacement of text field for the range by spin box

- More optimizations
- Fix problem with graph being erased on rescaling and other events
- Added a configure notification option in settings menu instead of having to go to kde settings
- Delete some unused file to make the source/binary fit in one file again


-Binary should now be linked correctly
-Added a new legend layout option in the settings for the fancyplotter so it is finally possible to have many curve and still be able to read the label
-Separated the source and binary because it was now to big to package together on kde apps, changed to 7z to get higher compression


-I forgot to include the library with the binaries so it will use the old kde library and most of the new stuff will be missing for now compile from source. I will fix this in next version.

-Base on current kde 4.4 branch
-This includes many bug fixes done after the KDE 4.3 release and some of my custom modifications, some of them listed below
-Tab refresh time can be set to 0 so tab no longer refresh, they can then be refreshed manually with view->refresh tab or shortcut F5
-Many actions now have shortcut in the shortcut menu
-Bug fix for shadow now longer being drawn because of qt 4.5.x
-Now compile the daemon directly in the application, ksysguardd is now longer required which speeds up things

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