ATI Overclocking Utility X64
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Overclocking utility for ATI video card, 64 bit executable.

-Catalyst 9.3+ is required (for
-It works with 4xxx, 3xxx series card others have not been confirmed. Mobility version seem to not have OverDrive implemented and there probably won't work, at least until it is implemented in the driver.
-The gui should be pretty self explanatory, but for the fan if left uncheck it keeps the "automatic" setting, otherwise it goes to manual mode set at the defined percentage
-Use wisely, e.g. you probably shouldn't turn off the fan and overclock everything to the maximum
-Since I modified the ADL SDK, and the license doesn't allow me to distribute the source, and I didn't want to figure out if I could publish under the GPL system library exception I am just posting executable at this time.
-Thanks to storma for the icon and phoronix forum members for testing the app


7 years ago

-Change to use built-in button box in dialogs, which should show locale translation
-Added a new setting to change the internal refresh time which was set before at 2 second by default

-Added a kde system monitor (ksysguard) compliant daemon. To monitor locally use since the standard ksysguard does not support multiple daemon per host name. To monitor remote machines use my modification of the ksysguard application under GPL also on kde apps,, and deploy/run atioc on all your machines you would like GPU to be monitored.
-Added settings for the daemon to change the port and binding interface setting, setting are applied at next restart of atioc
-Now when the gpu reports that fan monitoring is not supported it will be greyed out in the interface, this will stops all the error message being printed out if starting from CLI


-Fixed a bug that caused an error "cannot set overdrive level" with certain card. This could affect any card series since it was due to an incompatibility with certain video card bios.


-Added a save setting option to allow restoring setting on applicaton startup, FYI the settings file is in $HOME/.config/atioc/atioc.conf
-Fix an issue that the app needed to be closed before doing a logout on kde otherwise kde would report the logout was aborted by the app


This should fix the issue with pre 4xxx series cards and underclocking

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