Small application to change the backlight brightness on my sony vaio laptop. It requires /dev/sonypi. It's tested only on my GR390 but I hope it works for you! I've left the source tree in a post compilation state... make clean if you want to start fresh. You should be able to load the project into Kdevelop 3.x and muck around.

'Off' isn't really off. It's the lowest light setting.


13 years ago

Special Thanks go to Anton Karpov for pointing out that I'm a bone head and only uploaded a binary. A really old one which had no hopes of running anywhere. The new file contains the complete source tree and also a binary that will most likely just work on kde3.1x installations. (Feedback welcome!)

13 years ago


In KDE32 under KControl -> System Administration -> Sony Vaio Laptop Hardware Configuration, there is an option to change the display brightness too.
It can also modify the sound volume and others using the jog dial, check the battery and get On Screen informations.



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