tb2kmail is a Perl script which may be used to export The Bat! mail archives into a directory structure which KMail likes. It runs under Windows because it needs the The Bat! executable to export the mail.

The script was written already some years ago (for The Bat! 1.x) and it was reported that it doesn't always work (bug reports please to tb2kmail-bugs (at) But if it does, it often comes in handy.


13 years ago

2002-05-11 Malte S. Stretz

* Obscured my e-mail addresses a bit. Replace everything inside the
brackets with the spelled character. May the pest hit all those
harvesters and their spammers!

2002-04-07 Malte S. Stretz

* Version 0.1.2: Minor fixes, including:

* The help (--help) and the man pages (--man) are now accessible on
non-Windows platforms, too.

* A typo corrected, thanks to Michael Schamber.

2002-01-20 Malte S. Stretz

* Version 0.1.1: Bugfix release, includes:

* Found 2 more bugs.

* Added the script.

* Some typos corrected.

2002-01-06 Malte S. Stretz

* Version 0.1: Initial release

13 years ago


While I'm here anyway: There's now a patch available (follow the link) which makes it possible to export the stuff into a Thunderbird-like directory structure.


13 years ago


Why have people voted this bad if there's been "0 downloads"? From the description it doesn't sound terribly awful. Do some people just think certain ideas are bad in general? That just seems wrong to me.


13 years ago


I clicked the "bad" link myself :o) The reason is that the tool, while it might be handy in some circumstances, is pretty crappy and I don't have the time to work on it. I didn't even file any other known bugs yet...



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