KDigest is a simple program to check and create digest files, like SFVs and
The first version (0.1) of the program was named KSFV, but there was already
a software so called, and so the new name from version 0.2.
The three versions were released in a small time, because I usually work on a
project until it can be used, and then I see if I have more important things
to do (like a paid work ;) ).

At the moment is implemented:
- Navigation through GUI to the Digest file to check, with a little list of the files' data read from the digest file and the actual digest of the files.
- Check of a digest file, to know if all the files are valid or not (this can be accomplished by using the -s switch for SFV files and -m switch for MD5SUM files).
- MimeType text/x-sfv is created and associated with *.sfv|*.SFV files. MimeType text/x-md5sum is created and associated with *.md5|*.MD5|MD5SUM files.
- A 'Check' action is added to these types to check the validation from Konqueror.
- Check of AFV files (dirt hack of SFV files, see README.Digests for more info) and direct conversion from AFV to SFV (without need to have the files themselves).
- Creation of simple (not commented) SFV and MD5SUMS files.

I'm currently rewriting this in Ruby using Korundum bindings. If someone wants to help me with it, with the translation or with the documentation, it's currently in KDE's SVN playground/utils module.
Any help is appreciated.


11 years ago

04-07-24 * Version 0.3
* Moved to KDirOperator instead of KFileIconView, so I don't need to
write all the code to browse the directories. I only need to fix
some problems with the two branches.
* Added support for writing of SFV and MD5SUM files.
* Fixed a warning which were trown during build process.
* Removed need of .ui file, all the ui is created in the
kdigestwidget.cpp|h unit.

04-07-23 * Added *.afv;*.AFV files as x-sfv file type also if them aren't
exactly SFV files. See README.Digests file for more infos.
* Cleaned up DigestFile and derived classes, splitting the code and
adding it to the base class where possible.
* Started adding support for writing Digests
* Added direct conversion from AFV to SFV files.

04-07-22 * Version 0.2 [KDigest]
* Removed ksfvWidget::updateProgress wrapper.
* Making more digest-independant the code and the messages.
* Added option to ask for check of a MD5SUM file, missing handling
class for now.
* Added a MD5SUMfile class to handle MD5SUM files, and desktop files
to automatically check them.
* Now the parse of the SFV and MD5SUM files' lines is done with
QRegExp, simpler and probably faster.
* Trying to add the KStatusBar decently, but seems not work as I
want. (Now seems to work as I want ;)
* Renamed KSFV in KDigest (and all the references to ksfv in code
are fixed. Thanks to sed :)
* Partially fixed bug using the icon view to browse through folders.

04-07-21 * Moved the Non-Interactive file check into SFVfile class so all the
check code is in the same place.
* Added a KProgressDialog when checking the files (non-interactively)
* Completely redone the console options to be simpler and
* Unified the doxygen style to the one of KDE (/** and @brief).

04-07-15 * Removed the repaint() on SFVfile::testFile() function, moved to the
right QApplication::processEvents() (I forgot the name of the
function when I wrote the 0.1 version).


12 years ago

there is a ksfv yet:

very basic, tho.



12 years ago

Haven't found it when searching for something similar, sorry :/
I'll rename it for the next release, maybe adding MD5SUM support.



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