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PeaZip is a cross-platform, desktop neutral file archiver utility that provides an unified portable GUI (Qt5 and GTK2) for many Open Source technologies like 7-Zip, FreeArc, PAQ, UPX...

Create 7Z, ARC, Brotli, BZ2, GZ, *PAQ, PEA, QUAD/BALZ, TAR, UPX, WIM, XZ, ZIP, Zstandard files

Extract over 180 archive types: ACE, ARJ, CAB, DMG, ISO, LHA, RAR, UDF, ZIPX and many more...

Features of PeaZip includes extract, create and convert multiple archives at once, create self-extracting archives, split/join files, strong encryption with two factor authentication, encrypted password manager, secure deletion, find duplicate files, calculate hashes, export job definition as scripts.

Installation and integration in *x systems:

In order to reduce dependencies installable PeaZip packages for Linux needs to satisfy, since release 5.9.0 all backend except for p7zip were moved to "Optional Formats" plugin, which can be installed separately if needed extracting the package in peazip/res directory.
The plugin is not needed by Portable versions of the software.

If experiencing problems running PeaZip compiled for Qt, start it as:
peazip -style=cleanlooks

If experiencing problems with PeaZip compiled for Qt widgetset, it is available PeaZip compiled for GTK2 libraries as alternative, or it is possible to compile the application for its own Qt version using Lazarus/FreePascal IDE, which supports compiling the sources for various widgetsets: Win32, WinCE, fpGUI, Carbon, Qt, GTK1, GTK2.

On Linux systems, PeaZip installer automatically create menu entries for KDE (on most versions); to add PeaZip to Gnome menu copy the "Archiving" folder placed in PeaZip/Freedesktop_integration/nautilus-scripts to system's Nautilus script's folder (in most versions open "Scripts" menu in system's context menu, and select "Open script's folder").

Qt widgetset packages requires Qt 4.5 or more recent, and needs installed in /usr/local/lib or equivalent directory (copy the file and run ldconfig; it is done automatically in installable packages), such as /usr/lib or /usr/lib32 on some 64 bit distributions.
A copy of is available in PeaZip's directory, ./usr/local/share/PeaZip/ for the installable packages.
If the Qt version does not start on some systems, as some system's visual styles may cause recursive repainting error, you can fix the problem starting it in a console (or script) as: peazip -style=cleanlooks

On 64 bit systems, backend binaries in PeaZip/res path can be freely replaced by users with respective 64 bit counterpart (if available).

PeaZip Portable is standalone software and doesn't need installation and can be used from removable or remote paths without changing the host system (useful is system needs to stay library-freezed).

'Freedesktop_integration' folder in PeaZip's path contains .desktop files and Nautilus scripts to help users to configure tighter integration of PeaZip with desktop environment's menus.
Last changelog:

7.8.0 25 days ago

Improved extraction, can set custom archive extension, can set custom file types for "Extract everything for", new Qt5 package.



14 years ago

Thank you for the feedback, I think real-wolrd user's comments are essential for better focusing the development of a software project.
I think the best way in integrating an application of this type in KDE would be through Konqueror's Service Menus; it would not influence it's portability in different Linux desktops environments and will give fast access to key applications functions for KDE users.
I would be glad in discussing pros, cons and other viable solutions, thank you in advance!



14 years ago

i'll answer here your last post, as i can't reply on that one (due to a limitation in i guess).

i've read a bit more about your app, and i see a few nice things like multiple-span archives (damn i needed that some time ago). tough i would prefer to see you add support for those to ark and the KIO slaves so all KDE apps and KDE users would benefit from the ability of being able to work transparantly with those files... ;-)



14 years ago

well, currently Ark offers a big amount of integration in KDE but needs some usability work... i'd rather see it improved instead of a new GTK one, as that'll use more resources (having to load a second toolkit) and of course gtk is less efficient to develop with, compared to KDE/Qt, esp KDE4/Qt4 (which is crossplatform as well, btw, even easier).

even better would be better KIOslaves (with write support!!!), possibly almost removing the need for a seperate compression app alltogether.

anyway, you can check what services ark offers, and copy-paste them & change them for peazip...

btw i don't want to discourage you, more Free Software is Good, and i guess there are some innovations to be done for file compression (tough i'm not sure if peazip has any yet), but i don't really intend to use it - it duplicates well-integrated functionality in my desktop environment and doesn't add anything, besides a lot of memory usage (due to static linking and using another than my preferred toolkit).




14 years ago

Well, the application was indeed intended to be as autocontained as possible, to be used with as more close look and feel as possible in different Linux desktops (even ones lighter than KDE and Gnome) and on Windows, making easier to deploy it in mixed desktop environments... in facts it starts from radically different perspective than an application like Ark.
However thanking on your feedback now I'm more aware about the KDE users perception of the importance of integration in the desktop system, and sure in next releases or in upcoming repackaging of the present version I'll integrate it, thanking the very powerful Service Menus mechanism that allows to do so without compromising the portability of the application (in this, KDE is really great).
As for features offered (volume spanning, encryption, p7zip frontend, PAQ compression support) they are exaustively explained in the documentation.




14 years ago

PeaZip precompiled packages for Linux have the only dependency for libgdk_pixbuf library, apart from that packages can be extracted and run.
The package statically compiled with GTK2 (primary download) is recommended for most Linux desktop user.
Sources (lazarus/FreePascal) and documentation (.pdf) are available on project's page on SourceForge, along with most up to date precompiled package; for that reason all download links point to this page rather than to the file itself.




14 years ago

Since it's a standalone, almost autocontained application (apart for the aforementioned libgdk_pixbuf library dependency), it is not dependent from a particular Linux distribution or a particular desktop manager (I tested it succesfully on KDE and Gnome, on SUSE and Ubuntu), and can run from the path you prefer, even a removable unit.
That make it a feasible solution for a portable archiver which can run on different Linux machines, and the Windows port make it IMHO a good choice for mixed Linux/Windows user environments, having a single, almost identical, application to support on both platforms.


7.8.0 25 days ago

Improved extraction, can set custom archive extension, can set custom file types for "Extract everything for", new Qt5 package.

7.7.1 2 months ago

Fixes, improved handling of special characters.
Can now correctly work on filenames containing @ and ' characters.

7.7.0 3 months ago

Improved control over temp work data
Can now optionally use system's p7zip rather than ones coming with PeaZip for Linux packages

7.6.0 4 months ago

Can now use arbitrary code page for ZIP files creation, browsing,m and extraction.
Can now extract using copy/paste shortcut.
Auto updates archive treeview while browsing.
Usability improvements and fixes.

7.5.0 5 months ago

Extract everything for special file types
Improved renaming files in archives
New autoclose option
Faster defaults for 7Z and ZIP

7.4.2 6 months ago

FLZMA2, LZ4, and Zstd compression algorithms are now supported for 7z archives on Linux

7.4.1 7 months ago

PEA format now supports cascade encryption combining 256 bit AES, Twofish, and Serpent in EAX mode

7.4.0 7 months ago

Can now create and edit ZIPX files

7.3.1 10 months ago

Updated zstd 1.4.5, updated p7zip sfx modules, various fixes and improvements.

7.3.0 10 months ago

Improved browsing, extraction, archiving, added BLAKE2 hash, added support for more formats, new 64 bit DEB installer

7.2.2 11 months ago

Various fixes

7.2.1 11 months ago

Fixes to new compression features

7.1.0 1 year ago

Addeds upport for Brotli (google) and Zstandard (Facebook) fast compression algorithms
Improved direct extraction form built in file manager
Added new compression options and presets

7.0.0 1 year ago

Improved high DPI support
New themes and icons
Open TAR archives as atomic operation
Improved file manager

6.9.0 1 year ago

Can update files in archives
Can add files to subfolder of existing archive
Show remaining time for current operation

6.8.0 1 year ago

Various fixes
Improved drag and drop in Windows version

6.7.2 2 years ago

Can now be minimized to system tray

6.7.1 2 years ago

New smart extraction to new folder

6.7.0 2 years ago

New streamlined GUI for archiving / extraction (multiple tasks in a single window), various fixes and improvements, smaller package size.

6.6.1 2 years ago

Added option to force batch extraction of unsupported file types with PeaZip (or other custom executable), and option to set a custom directory as working path, updated UPX backed to 3.95.

6.6.0 2 years ago

New fast routine for finding possible duplicate files, new option to edit non explicitly supported file types, like OpenOffice files, Microsoft COMPOUND files (Office), JAR, etc...

6.5.1 3 years ago

Updated crypto library and compiler

6.5.0 3 years ago

Can move and rename files in existing archives
Improved archive conversion

6.4.0 4 years ago

Tabbed browsing, improvements in archive conversion and handling archives with full/absolute paths (even mixed with relative paths).

6.3.1 4 years ago

Fixes, visual improvements, updated translations

6.3.0 4 years ago

DPI aware
New archive update options

6.1.1 4 years ago

Updated p7zip to 16.02
Various fixes and usability improvements

4 years ago

2016 06 19
Updated pea 0.55 backend

2016 04 30
PEA1.1 format update, introducing support for SHA3, Serpent, and Twofish
p7zip backend updated to 15.14

2016 02 27
Major release 6
Can now recursively extract archives fro directory, and delete open archive
Can sort by file type for solid 7z compression (improves compression ratio)
New themes
Various fixes and improvements

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