Krcstat is a graphic replacement for the Gentoo rc-status and
rc-update command line utilities.It can be used to check all your
services are active and generate an alert if they are not. You may
easily create new runlevels and drag services from the Services pane
into them. (Alternate runlevels may be specified by using the softlevel
parameter on the kernel command line in Grub or Lilo.)

Note that the active monitoring for a failed service only works if the
service script uses the "start-stop-daemon" command which records the process name. Not all scripts use this, e.g. apache2. Other services are simply checks that run once and do not start a daemon.

Krcstat is a bit conservative and will not let you delete the boot or default
runlevels or certain boot services deemed as critical. This is to stop you
rendering your system unbootable! To use its configuration features it no longer
needs to run as root, it uses a shell to executes commands using sudo.

This latest version is upgraded to use KDE 4.* and also supports Gentoo Baselayout Release 2. Also a regression caused a segfault if there are orphaned symlinks after removing a package.


4 years ago

08 October 2012 Robin Atwood
o Version 0.7.6
o Fix segfaults during transient events
o Gentoo now uses /run/openrc directory
o No longer need run as root; uses sudo in

22 September 2010 Robin Atwood
o Version 0.7.3
o Fix segfault if symlinks get orphaned

08 July 2010 Robin Atwood
o Version 0.7.2
o Massive update to use pure Qt4
o "restart" now implies "--nodeps" (Base Level 2))
o Various speed-ups and corrections

25 November 2009 Robin Atwood
o Version 0.6.1
o Fix QList subscripts after system update
o Stop repeated updates if many services change state
o Use "crashed" status instead of "failed"

12 August 2009 Robin Atwood
o Version 0.6
o Use inotify to detect state change, not polling
o Use embedded konsole for commands

02 August 2009 Robin Atwood
o Version 0.5
o Convert to KDE4
o Support baselayout 2

24 November 2008 Robin Atwood
o Version 0.4
o Fix bug in service pane
o Add What'sThis pop-ups to main panes

03 June 2008 Robin Atwood
o Version 0.3
o Improve menus

03 May 2008 Robin Atwood
o Version 0.2
o Code clean-up
o Fix build error

29 Feb 2008 Robin Atwood
o Version 0.1
o Initial release

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