KPS is a very simple process status display tool which shows which processes are using the CPU.

This version reads process data directly from the /proc directory, not from the ps command. There are also various speed-ups in the code.

There is no help but using 'What's This?' will produce a pop-up explaining some of the technical terms used.

I hope you may find this useful!


6 years ago

Version 0.9.5 22/08/2009
1. Read /proc directly without calling ps command
2. Command line parameter "--interval" to set update period

Version 0.9.4 02/08/2010
1. Reuse view rows to save memory alloc/free calls

Version 0.9.3 28/08/2009
1. Save column widths

Version 0.9.2 20/08/2009
1. Code cleanup: make pure Qt4
2. Add application icons to view

Version 0.9.1 01/08/2009
Cosmetic: make all widgets themeable

Version 0.9 22/06/2009
Port to KDE 4.2.

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