A configuration control panel module for the ISC DHCP-Server.

KCMdhcpd gives a network admin the ability to manage an ISC style DHCP server.
The module reads the dhcpd control files from local or remote machine and
makes them available in a structured UI. The admin can
Start/Stop/Reload/Restart the daemon on local and remote machines.

Previous version written by Karl Backstr�
Thx Karl for the good work.

This is an BETA version so be careful with your dhcpd.conf file.

Please report any bug reports or feature request on on

Tested on:
Redhat 7.3, 9 with KDE 3.2 beta2


13 years ago

2003-04-17 Willy De la Court (0.3.8)

* Going Beta
* Bugfix in confparser global options where not added to the data structure
* Cleanup of some unused vars
* Notify the parser structure when the user changes some data
* Only save the conf file when something has actually changed

2003-04-15 Willy De la Court (0.3.7)

* Lots of changes to get it to compile with gcc 3.2.2
* Include yacc en flex generated source files solves a lot of problems

2003-04-14 Willy De la Court (0.3.6)

* Force yacc & flex in Makefile
* Fixed Version string
* Removed old files

2003-04-12 Willy De la Court (0.3.5)

* Make sure docs can be build on pre CVS version
* Included spec file for rpm creation

2003-04-11 Willy De la Court (0.3.4)

* Conditional compilation to disable feature that are only available in KDE-CVS
* modification to parsers to accept empty files.

2003-04-08 Willy De la Court (0.3.3)

* bugfix and styleguide changes

2003-03-28 Willy De la Court (0.3.2)

* Some UI modifications
* Added ability to see Log output from the commands that are executed
* Added Syntax Error dialog with higlighted lines
* Leases file parser

2003-03-24 Willy De la Court (0.3.1)

* all changes to netaccess and fish made into CVS
* final touches to the UI
* possibility to Start/Stop/Restart/Reload DHCPD servers
* local and remote support
* removed some debugging code

2003-03-10 Willy De la Court

* New HomePage

2003-02-24 Willy De la Court (0.3.0)

* Rewrite of parser in yacc/lex
* Started a new GUI look
* Remote administration using KIO::NetAccess

12 years ago


Great tools
in combinationn with kcmpureftpd and kcmgrunlevel, this is the first episode of getting away from mayor Configuration-tools like Yast and switch fully to KDE.

We should build more such kcm-modules to Configure all Devices/System Stuff like in Yast. And build a public, common Yast for every Distribution!!

We need to do this step to get gui-only admins/users to linux! And all these different tools are confusing!

We just need kcontrol and something like "ccontrol" to configure everything. Without something like this, Linux has no chance!
SuSE shows that the "User" requests sth. like this!.

so ....

many thanks for Your work!


11 years ago


jep - I think this is the most important thing. Even for controlling apache, sql, etc .... Then every non-commandline user will be able to use linux.



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