ljKlient is a KDE LiveJournal client. It currently offers most journal-entry-creating options accepted by LJ (such as backdating, choosing another usericon, adding tags etc.) and also some of the entry editing functionality.

It is written in Python, using PyKDE3. As far as I know, it requires Python 2.4 and PyKDE 3.1x.

Don’t be afraid of using the comment area here, posting to the http://ljklient.livejournal.com/ LiveJournal Community ljKlient, or otherwise contacting me if there’s something up.

A tutorial on the new macro feature can be found at http://community.livejournal.com/ljklient/5532.html


9 years ago

0.2.0-pre1 r270 (2007-10-03)
* fixed kdeeventeditor items not resizing properly
+ revertFields support

r266 (2007-09-23)
* split friendlist out from the friendlist window
+ added friendlist quick browser to the eventeditor
+ added history browser to the eventeditor
- calendar has a bug with colours/selection
- historylistview has a bug with foreground colour
* frienddiffdialog got a bit rewired at some point
+ Work on Qt4 frontend started
+ supports writing entries, saving and loading drafts, taglist
+ has trayicon (this later also included in KDE frontend)
+ Config file! Can force UI with it, define macros in it, etc.
* Can update.py / msgfmt.py on NT now too
* split some messages to support Russian gender issues better (user vs. community vs. rss)
+ Split musicplugins into separate directory
- Currently doesn't work and isn't used, with the exception of the music format parser. This is due to DCOP being an arse.
- Musicparser doesn't seem to like more %'s in one block.
* KDE frontend completely reworked. Looks much more like the Qt4 one now, which brings its own issues, but it at least doesn't crash on exit anymore.
- currently there are some issues with the sizing of widgets, in particular userpicComboBox and usejournalComboBox...
+ Has history viewer and old entry loader functionality, can edit entries!
- Can't delete them yet.
* Taglist reworked into a much better format, again similar to how it's done in Qt4

r177 (2007-08-16)
* Moved around data, splitting UI and back-end into separate directories, and so on.

r173 (2007-08-16)
+ branching off of 0.1

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