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Simple bash script, which grabs screen and the uploads it to some ftp(or other) destination. Useful for websites (I made it because of that). GUI is written in Gambas, you can control time between script execution. To script work properly you need to configure (path where to save file locally, Local/remote name, ftp settings)

There is DesktopCam.desktop file, edit it so that it points to deON.gambas and that you can execute it easily.
There is also an which is for those who don't have Gambas. Note: If you add it as cron job it wont work properly.

Know problems:
Don't use "X" button in window decoration to close window, it will quit application, to hide window use icon in sys tray.

Sometimes, when you quit application, kicker will crash so you need to Alt+F2> kicker.

Time is always set to 1min, after re-running application.

Depends on:
ImageMagick (used for screen grabbing, resizing, and other effects)
ftp (used for file uploading)
Gambas 2.x (for GUI).

Live demo on
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