Pidgin KWallet Plugin
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This Pidgin plugin allows you to store your passwords encrypted within KDE's wallet (by default Pidgin stored them in clear text under ~/.purple)

The plugin will move your passwords from ~/.purple/accounts.xml into the KDE wallet. It is activated via the 'Tools/KWallet/Encrypt Password' menu item. You will need to call this each time you change an account's password.

This is a port to KDE4's KWallet DBus API from the original kwallet_password.c
which can be found at:

p.s. If knew how to have the saving automated, and update when a password is changed, then I would've added this. However, my quick attempts failed.


9 months ago

Thanks for the plugin, but seems it stops working with KDE 5. Can you port libpurple kwallet pidgin plugin for KDE5 version of KDE Wallet?



7 years ago

You could use the "account-connecting" hook - it is ran every time the user connects on an account (you could save the password then, you know it's correct, they just logged it with it).

:) I implemented this as a Perl plugin a few months ago having the same project as a starting point; maybe the code will help you.



7 years ago

At last! I will make PKGBUILD for Arch. Can you host source tarball somewhere else too? It would be helpful in case of new version.

Thank you very much!


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