uade Launcher

\"\" is a unix shell script wrapper around different textmode player programs
such as UADE, XMP, OGG123, ADPLUG, AYLET etc. To add more formats should be more or less
It uses different dialog programs like kd DEPENDENCIES:
o general: (ba)sh
o for the UI: a dialog program
kdialog KDE\'s Dialogprogram
zenity Gnome 2\'s Dialogprogram
Xdialog GTK+1 based Dialogprogramm
dialog console Dialogprogram

o for remote file handling: a file loader:
kfmexec, kfmclient KDE\'s way get remote files
wget console remote file getting

o for the music: one or more console sound player:
uade: MODS, MEDS, TFMX, DW etc
xmp: IT/XM/S3M etc
timidity++: MIDI files
adplay ADLIB FM tunes
sap SAP (ATARI XL/XE Pokey music)
nosefart NSF (NES Music files)
ospc SPC (SNes Music Files)
ogg123 OGG Vorbis replaying
mpg321 (depends on libmad) MP3 replaying
sexypsf: PSF (Playstation music files)
gbsplay: GBS (Gameboy music files)
sc68: SNDH + SC68 (Atari ST music files)

- open, play, stop, subsongs, sound options, openfile, playlist, modradio support
- x-amiga.desktop file with mime infos for kde (gnome ?)
- Back 2 Roots Channel M3u-file

- untar and put the script somewhere in you path.
- for uade/ Amiga music format association to Konqueror/KDE, put the x-amiga.desktop to
your share/mimelnk/audio/ dir in your local KDE dir. Not sure if it works too with
Nautilus/Gnome, too, but could be worth a try.

1) either drag and drop a supported file format onto the script in konqueror
2) call the script with...
a) a local song file as parameter
b) a local m3u playlist as parameter
c) a remote song URL as parameter (caches the file locally at ~/.uade/cachedmods/
for speed up)
d) a remote m3u URL as parameter
3) run the script and select a file in the filerequester
4) associate the Amiga music files to the launcher script as default application

have fun,

mld/uade team
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