Player is a GStreamer/GTK+2 based media player which is meant to be very easy to use and able to cope with large-to-huge media libraries. Player is a media player which features:

* GTK+2 interface
* GStreamer playback backend
* SQLite based media library
* Libvisual visualisation


* Extremely intiuitive and easy to interface
* Able to cope with huge media libraries (tested with up to 240 Gigabytes of music/approx. 90,000 files)

==== WARNING! ====

Since this is a preview release, a few features are yet missing, e.g. the splash screen which will feature information about the progress of the app\'s startup. This is important among other reasons because it rechecks the files for presence at intialization, which can take some considerable time for large databases (a minute or so maybe for 20,000, estimated ;), which you won\'t know about nor see currently, so if you have a lot of files be patient while it starts.

Also a few other usability features are misising yet, as well as some bugs remain to fix before release.

==== WARNING! ====
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