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converts your music library to MP3 SnakeBite is an audio conversion application that can convert your entire music library to MP3 in a single step. SnakeBite is designed for those who use libre audio formats like Vorbis and FLAC, but also need their music in the MP3 format.

Simply choose the source folder (containing your music) and the destination folder (where the music converted to MP3 will go), and SnakeBite does the rest. After it has finished, the destination folder will contain the same folders and files as the source folder, except all the files will have a ".mp3" extension and will be encoded in the MP3 format. Your original music library is never altered.

SnakeBite will skip files that already exist in the destination folder, making it easy to convert some of your library, stop, and then resume later, or to convert only music added since the last time you used SnakeBite.

MP3's found in the source folder are hard-linked into the destination folder, saving you disk space and CPU cycles. Non-audio files found in the source folder are ignored.

SnakeBite can convert any GStreamer-supported audio format into MP3.
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