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browse Apple trailers and watch them in MPlayer

Depends on: gtk2 webkit mplayer
ubuntu packages to run caravan: libgtk2.0-0 libwebkit-1.0-2 mplayer
ubuntu packages to compile caravan: valac libgtk2.0-dev libwebkit-dev

How to compile caravan (on ubuntu):
install packages:
$ sudo apt-get install valac libgtk2.0-dev libwebkit-dev mplayer
change to the directory where caravan.vala is:
$ cd /some/directory
$ valac --pkg=gtk+-2.0 --pkg=webkit-1.0 --disable-warnings caravan.vala

How to use it:
- start it by doubleclicking the caravan executable or in the command line (in the directory where it is):
$ ./caravan
- navigate to the trailer you want to watch
- click on the arrow and click on the version you want under Download (screenshot 2)
- wait for MPlayer to fill the cache (this can take a while)
- enjoy!
- you can get back to the previous page by right-clicking
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7 years ago

0.1.0: initial release

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7 years ago

0.1.0: initial release

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