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OggConvert is a small Gnome utility which uses GStreamer to convert media files to Ogg Vorbis, Theora and Dirac. The main selling points are:

* It\'s painfully easy to use: drag a file onto the source bar (or use the file chooser) and hit convert. Of course, you can also change the quality settings and the output filename if you like.

* It uses GStreamer, so it can convert (almost) any file which Totem can play

* It can deal with audio-only files, video-only files, and files with many audio tracks (such as DVD rips with a commentary track).

* Thanks to the magic of GStreamer, metadata (for example, title and artist info on an MP3) is preserved

* Adheres to the Gnome HIG as much as possible

* Supports the Schroedinger encoder for encoding to the Dirac video format (note that this encoder is currently experimental and not suitable for archiving).

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