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Desktop Recorder is a wxPython applications that runs in your system tray and uses FFMpeg to record video and audio from your desktop and microphone. This app is in beta stages so it probably has a lot of bugs and may not work on all systems depending on the hardware setup.

Python 2.x and wxPython 2.8 need to be installed.


4 years ago

- initial release

- muxing done by ffmpeg in place of mkvtoolnix
- added "-y" argument to suppress overwrite prompt of ffmpeg for temporary files

- changed kill signal from SIGTERM to SIGINT for background ffmpeg process

0.2.0 Beta 1
- complete rewrite using python and wxpython to add GUI

0.2.0 Beta 2
- check for libxvid and libx264 support in ffmpeg

0.2.0 Beta 3
- tests for correct wxpython version and ffmpeg
- added flv (sorenson) support

0.2.0 Beta 4
- removed non-functioning pause option

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0.2.0 Beta 4
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