Whaaw! Media Player
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An audio/video player using gstreamer (like totem but without GNOME dependencies)

Whaaw! Media Player will play any audio/video files which gstreamer can play. It supports fullscreen mode, seeking, changing video colour settings and more. It is inteded to be a basic media player similar to totem.

Dependencies: python >= 2.5, gstreamer-python >= 0.10, pygtk >= 2.10, pyxdg, gstreamer-good >= 0.10


6 years ago

- 'Hide Video Window' option removed since it caused way too many crashes.
- Use 'xdg-screensaver' for disabling the screensaver rather than configuring it through the config.
- Tag reading rework.
- Allow adding subtitle files to videos (Accessible through the open file dialogue, also a subtitles 'manager' is available under the 'Stream' menu).
- Fix some weird bug with the tagger producing multiple lists of tags, rather than just one.
- New translations.
- Use the same executable to run whaawmp as was used to run setup.py (for systems which have python3 as default python)
There's also a converter in the tarball, but it really doesn't work all that well. Use at your own peril.

1 year ago


Hi All,
I have a specific requirement,
I need a player which can play two overlay video one in full screen and other in overlay window in a small screen in corner.
The one similar to any video chat window.
id any opensource or player available kindly share or if possible then source code.


8 years ago


this is a really really really good app

haven't put it through the paces yet.

just downloaded the SVN added an open with command and i'm sold.

really tight, fast and simple.


8 years ago


This is a really nice app.
Two things about it though, and one of them is a killer for me. Both should be easy fixes though.

1: The video progress is shown using a progressbar. This is highly distracting while I watch a video, especially with themes that use animated progressbar. Perhaps a GtkScale would be better suited for this.

2: The whole player and the GtkNotebooks in the preferences could use a little padding around them, maybe like 4px or something?

Great app!


8 years ago


I edited the glade file to reflect the changes I was talking about. Contact me if you're interested in seeing it.


8 years ago


Here is an Ubuntu .deb package:


Builded on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) with checkinstall.

Good luck for the continuation.


9 years ago


i really like your app, for me it's even better than vlc! any change it will be included in the debian or ubuntu sources???



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