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Aplication to allow a teacher control a classroom This application allows the teacher control a classroom from his desktop, even from the gnome panel. The teacher can automagically:
- See and control what students are doing
- Lock and unlock internet accesss
- Launch web browser in students desktop with a desired url
- Launch to the students any application dragging and dropping from gnome menu.
- Send files to the students
- Send messages to the students.
- Share/unshare teacher printer
- Transmit video and audio via broadcasting
- Make the students see only the teacher desktop.

All these actions can be taken individually, to some selected students or to every student desktop.

There are also several options to disallow the students the use of their computer if the teacher is not in the classroom, or don't want them to use it.

It is made using gambas (
It is already available in english, italian, french, turkish and spanish.
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