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Open Source render farm managing software. DrQueue is an Open Source render farm managing software. It distributes shell based tasks such as rendering images. DrQueue works under Linux, FreeBSD, Irix, Mac OS X and Windows. It is distributed under GPL and is composed by three main tools: master, slave and drqman.
DrQueue is fully scriptable. Either through the render shell scripts, through it's python bindings, or a combination of both.
DrQueue now includes DrKeewee, the DrQueue web service that allows you to check the status of the queue through a web browser. DrKeewee has been completely written in python.
The master acts as a server, where all tasks are stored and where computers running slaves report their success or failure executing the tasks.
The slaves run on every node of the render farm. They inform about their load average and if they meet certain conditions they are considered available for rendering. Then they take the first task asigned by the master server.
drqman is the GUI used to control jobs and computers. You can reprioritize jobs, stop them, restart specific frames, change frames to be rendered and so. drqman uses gtk as widget library.
Right now DrQueue supports Maya, Lightwave, Mental Ray, Blender, Mantra/Houdini, Softimage XSI, Turtle, BMRT, 3Delight, Pixie, Aqsis, After Effects, Shake, Nuke and Terragen under the GUI. The other tools need a small shell script to be written.
DrQueue has been tested in production environments and has proved to be a stable alternative to other proprietary products with the advantage of being licensed under GPL.
Features (as of version 0.63.4):

Job priorities.
Job dependencies.
Slave pools.
Custom environment variables.
DrKeewee web server.
Python bindings.
Limit maximum number of CPUs (general and on a single computer), per job and per computer.
Render single frames or blocks of frames.
Estimate job finish time (using average frame time).
Limit minimum memory of slaves where to render.
Limit depending on Operating System.
Script generator for: Maya, Lightwave, Mental Ray, Blender, Mantra/Houdini, Softimage XSI, Turtle, Pixie, 3Delight, Bmrt, Aqsis, After Effects, Shake, Nuke and Terragen.
Generic job type for any other renderer.
Mail notifications.
Command line tools for scripting.
Requeue counter (with reset).
Master continues jobs where left in case of death.
Production proof.
Log watch in real time.
Per frame actions (requeue,kill,skip).
Host block list for every jobs (also with command line tool).
GUI (drqman) supports all actions.
Computer hardware detection.
Supported OS: Linux, Mac OS X, Irix, FreeBSD and Windows.
Load average detection.
Load average limit.
Slave autoenable at specific times (per computer).
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