mdz Mandelbrot Deep Zoom
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mdz is a Mandelbrot-Set image generator which can use arbitrary precision maths to zoom into those really really deep corners. mdz is a multi-threaded Mandelbrot image generator focused upon exploration into really deep areas of the Mandelbrot-Set, and without fanciful distractions. mdz uses the MPFR maths precision library to zoom really deep!


7 years ago



Compatible with MPFR versions 2.3 to 3.0
Tested on 64bit Debian Lenny and Gentoo ~amd64.


* Coordinates system now uses center and
size as a location reference point.

* New coordinates dialog shows and allows
editing of exact coordinates of image.

* MDZ files now store coordinates as cx, cy,
and size and writes xmin, xmax, ymax as
comments in the file.

* Transparent handling of old-style MDZ files
and new style.

* Ability to load an mdz file without loading
the palette data.

* Ability to load only the palette data from
an MDZ file without loading the fractal

* MDZ files can now contain comments. To make
a comment the line must start with the
# character.

* Ability to change number of render threads
from within the Attributes dialog.


* File filters added to file choosers making
extensions of files more obvious.

* Julia sets now drawn in the middle of the
windows (unless repositioned or zoomed of

* Independent Julia and Mandelbrot coordinates
don't effect each other when zooming.

* Refactoring of settings loading.

* Now defaults to 2 threads instead of 64. While
this is slower, it has the benefit of not
slowing your entire system down.


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