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Software for engineering simulations.
Finite Element Analysis. Able to solve problems including Heat-Transfer, Radiation, Stress-Strain, Porous Media Flow, Electro-statics, Shape (geometry) optimization.

Products available in the package:

Element - Graphical User Interface - GUI. Allows the user to comfortably set up, solve and analyze the problem.
Material - Graphical User Interface - GUI. Allows the user to comfortably manage the material database.
gClient - GUI client for iRaCS on-line computing.
Mesh - Tetrahedral mesh generator. Generates a 3D tetrahedral mesh from a surface triangular mesh.
Heat - Heat-transfer solver.
Stress - Stress-strain solver.
Current - Electro-statics solver.
Wave - Acoustics / wave equation solver.
Fluid - CFD solver (Navier-Stokes equation)
Potential - Flow through porous media solver.

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