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eccvs is a GUI based version contol system. eccvs is a version control system, intended to keep track of different versions of a software project. It provides a simple and intuitive graphical user interface which attract newbies to apply version control mechanisms to their projects. In short, this project aims to make the version control of any project easier.
It is actually based on the existing CVS (Concurrent Versions System) command line tool.

* An elegant working copy view.
* Intuitive interface
* Checkout - get a copy from the repository
* Update - update the working copy
* Commit - commit the changes back to the repository
* Init - initialize a new repository
* Import - import a module to the repository
* Status - view the status of the files in the working copy
* Add - add files/directories
* Remove - remove file/directories
* Login - context sensitive login mechanism (pserver)
* Preferences - add/remove repositories

It is currently under its heavy development stage. There will no annoying confirmation diaglogs in future versions. The UI will be tweaked for greater usability.
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