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The Enveria Rapid Application Development (RAD) IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is an intuitive platform for programming robust GUI (graphical user interface) software. We have launched the Enveria RAD IDE as an open source application (https://sourceforge.net/projects/enveria). Previously, the Enveria IDE was utilized as an internal development tool at Kaizen Denki Inc. -- a Toronto-based software and web development house.

Enveria is free to use for non-commercial purposes under the GPL. Users who wish to use Envria in a commercial capacity should visit the Kaizen Denki home page at http://www.kaizendenki.com.

Major Features:

* An interface that maintains an look and feel that is intuitive for those familiar with IDE software, while user friendly enough for those who are not.

* Backed up by the power of the ubiquitous C programming language. We have chosen C because it is fast, stable, powerful, portable and has a long history of use in computing. An additional bonus for us was that the API for GTK+ (the widget set we use) uses C natively.

* Our use of GTK+ allows Enveria to tap into a well-supported widget set that is available for all major desktop operating systems. On its own, GTK+ is easy to use but with Enveria it is even easier. While Enveria RAD IDE can be an interface builder for GTK+/C programs (like Glade), its power is its capabilities as a complete development tool.

* Enveria can produce code without compiling for those who wish to enhance their applications manually prior to building. Enveria programs are optimized for Make/GCC, which is a widely used combination for C development on many platforms.

Programming languages, libraries, databases, and frameworks used to develop Enveria include:

* C
* SQLite
* GTK+ 2

Currently Linux is the main supported platform for Enveria RAD IDE.

A Win32 version is now available as well but comes with the disclaimer that it is a work in progress. For the enterprise-grade Win32 version, including support and/or training options, interested parties should visit the Kaizen Denki Inc. home page (http://www.kaizendenki.com).

At the same time, we are in the process of evaluating other target operating systems including: Mac OS X, Minix 3, BSD and others.
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