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An approach to make the GNOME control center feel more integrated. This is an approach to make the GNOME control center feel more integrated.
If the user experience is good enough, I plan to get this into GNOME and
replace the preferences menu of the panel.

My approach is to put all known capplets into a category, thus helping the
user to find what he is looking for.

Current Menu Approach
- Distributors can add more capplets very simple
through FDO desktop entry spec allows simple

- Everything in one menu
=> mess, many GUI elements, no description

My Integrated Approach
- Obvious categorization
- Nice big preview (including description!)
of each capplet

- Currently HARDcoded capplet-category association

- Best of both worlds
- Either menu or integrated, user can choose (?)

- Categories in one folder
- CApplets in another

- keywords matches against category
=> capplet put into category

- categories mutually exclusive,
everything else results in confusion

- dynamic on-the-fly generation of
categories, capplets are put into categ.

(taken from README file)

On a sidenote: I was asked to publish it by Eugenia. Dunno why; Maybe somebody finds it useful.
Feedback would be nice.
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