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Optimize different GNOME applications to make it more faster and responsive. XML Optimization is a set of method that reformat the XML metadata for use with XML stream. The process is used in websites to minimize network bandwidth consumption and increase the memory space for the applications who store them locally. XML metadata is used by modern applications like, GNOME, Evolution, Rhythmbox, GDM, etc., and is used in SVG graphic rendering. By Optimizing the XML metadata that those applications use, the application who parse them will require less memory usage, and less time parsing, thus improving speed and responsiveness.

Benchmark (Rhythmbox, 7983 songs)

Plain Rhythmbox Database

real 1m4.246s
user 0m17.920s
sys 0m2.508s

---- PC Restarted ----

Optimized Rhythmbox Database

real 0m55.105s
user 0m18.616s
sys 0m2.439s
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