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Birne is a very simple frontend for cdrecord and mkisofs. With Birne you can burn files, ISO images and music files (currently supported are WAV, MP3 and Ogg Vorbis) to CD-ROM and CD-RW. It is not very mature yet but works for the most common situations.

Because Birne is intended to be used by people with little technical knowledge, there are no advanced configuration options in the user interface. If you need to change the default recording device, you have to alter the source. But since Birne is written in Python, this should be easy to change by most people (variable "recording_device in

Support for configuration files is planned so that preparing Birne for usage by ordinary users should be easy.

You can run Birne by unpacking the tarball and running the executable "birne" in the directory created by tar. There is a very simple installer script which helps to set up Birne for all users on your system.

If you need assistance with using Birne, are interested in contributing code or have experience with localizing Python/Gtk software, contact the project mailing list .
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