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BlueLink is a daemon that listens cell phone events over bluetooth and executes tasks based on those events. BlueLink is a daemon that listens mobile phone events over bluetooth and executes tasks based on those events. For example, when your phone rings, BlueLink might silence your mp3-player and display notification bubble on your desktop.

It runs at background and connects automatically to the cell phone in area. Deamon doesn't need any user interaction after setting it up.

The latest version of BlueLink has the following features.
BlueLink supports multiple phones to be connected simultaneously
Search bluetooth devices on background
Connects automatically to found devices which are on BlueLink's "allowed list"
Log all events to logfile for later viewing
Display notification on incoming call
Display notifications with timestamp if call was missed
Display notification on outgoing call
Set mobile phone to silent mode when connected to BlueLink (optional)
Avatar support for known contacts (binding avatar to phone number)
Uses mobile phone's phonebook names in notifications
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