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Checksysreport is a tool targeted at technical support people who investigate problems occuring on Red Hat Enterprise Linux boxes (AS2.1, RHEL3, RHEL4 and RHEL5).
Based on a sysreport/sosreport archive, checksysreport try to:

- list the 3rd party rpms installed on the machine.
- detect wich rpm is associated with the running kernel
- list the entry in the latest up2date kernel's changelog that are not present in the running kernel's changelog
- list 3rd party kernel module being loaded
- list rpms that are candidate for an up2date upgrade.
- list the changelog's entry of the latest rpm that are not present in the obsoletes's rpms.
- list known Red Hat Advisories that would apply for each rpm that are not up2date.

The client package countain 'checksysreport', the automatic reporting script as well as 'yadarh' (yet another day at red hat), a graphical tool that let you browse the server's cache and list bug fixes and new changelog entry between rpm releases.
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