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LilyTerm - A light and easy to use libvte based X Terminal Emulator

Light but full function.

Support multi tabs, reorderable tabs, and hide the tab tray when there is only 1 tab.

Add, close, swith, move, rename tabs with function keys.

Disable/Enable function keys for temporary. use <Ctrl><`> by default.

Shows the foreground running command on tab and/or window title.

'Single Process' Support. The newer launched LilyTerm will be just a new window of 1st launched LilyTerm.

Colorful page name.

Use kill() to kill running shell when use <Ctrl><W> or <Alt><F4> to force close this tab. Or the sub-process of this tab will be closed at the same time.

User custom function keys. (need to edit profile)

Support User/System profile, or use -u command line option to spectify a custom profile.

Support true transparent. (need window manager is composited, too.)
You should install Compiz, Beryl or xcompmgr to support it.

L10n/i18n support. Call for translators!

Change the texe coding with right click menu, or open a new tab with specified locale by right click.
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