CPU frequency governor selector
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A simple script (only requires zenity and gksu) that allows you to choose the governor for your CPU's frequency.

This is mostly intended as an alternative to the GNOME CPU frequency applet. It may not have as many options or be as convenient, but it doesn't rely on any aspects of GNOME and is handy under lightweight window managers.

The script simply echos the governor to the appropriate file but requires you to be root. It will attempt to do this via gksu. If you don't have/want/need gksu, just run with kdesu or as root via other means.


6 years ago

v0.3 Everything except for zenity dialog has been rewritten. Code has been tested repeatedly and should always work, regardless of the number of CPUs. Rewrite is now smaller, leaner, and can be used without any aspect of GNOME.

v0.2 Large parts rewritten so that the script should actually apply the frequency governor now. Also now detects number of CPUs and uses that number to generate the options. It's not very efficient code nor is it elegant, but it should actually work now

v0.15 spotted mistake and added the "-c" option for selecting CPUs

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CPU frequency governor selector
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