StoreMan is a combination of a comfortable backup program and a db based archive manager. The software is ideal suited to store backup / archive files on a (Free)NAS box and on USB disk drives (as well as on a local harddisks) - and for searching files without the need to have the storage devices permanently online.

StoreMan is a Linux GUI - program, written in Python and using the wxWidgets cross-platform Gui-library.

- Python >= 2.7.0 (not 3.x)
- wxPython >=


2 years ago

Fixed: compatibility with wxPython 3.0

Fixed: problem with TreeControl
Improved: better update mechanism and more
Updated: Help file

Fixed: Problem with TreeControl
Changed: Mechanism for updates now as background thread
Improved: Platform compatibility
Updated: Help file

Fixed: problem with '/' as source dir for backup tasks
Improved: regular expression Example view in New / Edit task dialog
Improved: database query performance
Updated: Help file

Fixed: problem with non ascii chars in tarxxx container names
Fixed: problem with link handling in tar and zip compression
Added: clicking on the column headers of the Query results window reorders the results
Improved: better database integrity checks
Updated: Help file

Fixed: in regular expressions the usage of chars with ord > 127 like ä,ö and so on caused the the application to crash.
Fixed: in rare situations the Databasemanager dialog did not start.
Changed: some users where confused by the checklistboxes in the Taskmanger, Jobmanager, ... Now these are changed to listboxes. This makes the UI simpler and the drawback is minimal.
Added: the program can check the website for a new release at startup (Preferences, Misc tab, Update check)
Added: now the Exclude re's tab of the New / Edit task dialog has a listbox with sourcepath files and dirs. The defined re's are applied so that you can see if they act as expected.
Added: Help screen with the re syntax, special chars, ... on the Exclude re's tab.
Updated: Help file

Fixed: The Scheduled job execution sometimes executed a job twice.
Added: Database handling is now combined in a Database manager.
Improved: Logging now uses the standard Python logger with a RotatingFileHandler (see Help file). An Action logger is added to logging.
Improved: The Job- and the TaskManager now have a clone mode. So you can create a Template and reduce typing while creating new tasks or jobs.
Improved: Help file

Changed: The Backup jobs and Backup tasks subwindows have merged. In the new Backup jobs tree view you can see the tasks associated with the jobs if you expand the job you are interested in.
Added: StoreMan's Mount manager can mount predefined fstab entries of type nfs and cifs (Samba).
Improved: Help file

Added: StoreMan can check the homepage for updates.
Fixed: Problem with the Cancel and Close buttons in the Job add / edit
Improved: Start of a filemanager via double click on an item in the
Query results window.
Improved: Help file

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