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Back In Time is a simple backup tool for Linux inspired from “flyback project” and “TimeVault”. The backup is done by taking snapshots of a specified set of directories.

Currently there are two GUI available: Gnome and KDE 4 (>= 4.1).


6 years ago

Version 1.0
* multiple profiles support
* add expert options: copy unsafe links & copy links
* many bugs fixes

Version 0.9.26
* update translations
* fix a bug in smart-remove algorithm
* add '--no-check' option to configure scripts
* use only 'folder' term (more consistent with GNOME/KDE)
* add 'expert option': enable/disable nice for cron jobs
* GNOME & KDE4: refresh snapshots button force files view to update too
* you can include a backup parent directory (backup directory will auto-exclude itself)
* fix some small bugs

Version 0.9.24
* KDE4: fix python string QString problems
* KDE4 FilesView/SnapshotsDialog: ctrl-click just select (don't execute)
* KDE4: fix crush after "take snapshot" process
* store basic permission in a special file so it can restore them correctly (event from NTFS)
* reorganize code: common/GNOME/KDE4
* GNOME: break the big glade file in multiple file
* backintime is no longer aware of 'backintime-gnome' and 'backintime-kde4' (you need run them explicitly)

Version 0.9.22
* KDE4: fix some translation problems and crushes
* remove --safe-links for save/restore (this means copy symlinks as symlinks)
* create directory now use python os.makedirs (replace use of mkdir command)
* GNOME & KDE4 SettingsDialog: if schedule automatic backups per directory is set, global schedule is hidden
* GNOME FilesView: thread "*~" files (backup files) as hidden files
* GNOME: use gtk-preferences icon for SettingsDialog (replace gtk-execute icon)
* expert option: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/backintime/user.callback (if exists) is called a different steps of a "take snapshot" process (before, after, on error, is a new snapshot was taken).
* add more command line options: --snapshots-list, --snapshots-list-path, --last-snapshot, --last-snapshot-path
* follow FreeDesktop directories specs (use $XDG_DATA_HOME and $XDG_CONFIG_HOME if defined) to save settings
* new install system: use more common steps (./configure; make; sudo make install)

Version 0.9.20
* smart remove: fix an important bug and make it more verbose in syslog

Version 0.9.18
* update translations
* GNOME bugfix: fix a crush in files view for files with special characters (ex: "a%20b")
* GNOME SettingsDialog bugfix: if snapshots path is a new created folder, snapshots navigation (files view) don't work
* GNOME & KDE4 MainWindow: Rename "Places" list with "Snapshots"
* GNOME SettingsDialog bugfix: modify something, then press cancel. If you reopen the dialog it show wrong values (the ones before cancel)
* GNOME & KDE4: add root mode menu entries (use gksu for gnome and kdesudo for kde)
* GNOME & KDE4: MainWindow - Files view: if the current directory don't exists in current snapshot display a message
* SettingDialog: add an expert option to enable to schedule automatic backups per directory
* SettingDialog: schedule automatic backups - if the application can't find crontab it show an error
* SettingDialog: if the application can't write in snapshots directory there should be an error message
* GNOME & KDE4: rework settings dialog
* SettingDialog: add an option to enable/disable notifications

* fix a bug/crush for French version

Version 0.9.16
* update translations
* don't show the snapshot that is being taken in snapshots list
* GNOME & KDE4: when the application starts and snapshots directory don't exists show a messagebox
* give more information for 'take snapshot' progress (to prove that is not blocked)
* MainWindow: rename 'Timeline' column with 'Snapshots'
* when it tries to take a snapshot if the snapshots directory don't exists (it is on a removable drive that is not plugged) it will notify and wait maximum 30 seconds (for the drive to be plugged)
* KDE4: rework MainWindow

7 years ago


I m loving this program, and
I am helping to translate for the Brazilian Portuguese.
For this program to be perfect, just better integration with Nautilus, as in OpenSolaris. Good Work.


7 years ago


Like this:



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