myUbuntu is a script of post-installation with who you can write text files that describe all the modification you want to apply to a Ubuntu distribution freshly installed. After the text files writed, execute the script on all target system and select between the options you have created the interesting elements for each one.

You will find more detail for running and tunning myUbuntu to your needs in the "docs" directory of the archives below.

Since the 10.04 release, myUbuntu have been totaly re-writed in ruby.


6 years ago

-------------------------------[10.10 R3]-------------------------------
* Cleaned example package list

-------------------------------[10.10 R2]-------------------------------
* Modified virtualbox sources.list to get contrib repository

-------------------------------[10.10 R1]-------------------------------
* Added first apt-get update to resolve some authentifying problem
* Added config switch for descativating auto-launch of update-manager
* Fixed some bug in install_final script
* Switched from apt-get to apt-get (as Ubuntu require)

-------------------------------[10.04 R5]-------------------------------
* Backport from 10.10 release: switch from aptitude to apt-get
* Cleaned example package list

-------------------------------[10.04 R4]-------------------------------
* Modified virtualbox sources.list to get contrib repository
* Backported config switch for descativating auto-launch of update-manager

-------------------------------[10.04 R3]-------------------------------
* Added full english support in application text.
* Added full english documentation.
* Translated all script comment in english.
* Deported temporary file in 'tmp' folder for easy clean
* Added flash64 hack in scripts :
- bin/procedure
- bin/install_final
To automaticly get flashplugin64-installer repository and package on
64bits systems.

-------------------------------[10.04 R2]-------------------------------
* Added playdeb repository to sample files.
* Minor bugfix.

Initial French Release.

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