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A finite element mesh generator and solver for Poisson and Helmholtz equations heatflow, electromagnet, waveguide problems. pdnMesh is a program that can solve 2D potential problems (Poisson Equation) and eigenvalue problems (Helmholtz Equation) using the Finite Element Method. Common applications occur in electromagnetics, heat flow and fluid dynamics. It can solve problems using both Nodal Based Formulation and Edge Based (Vector) Formulation. The features of the program are as follows.

* Automatic mesh generation according to given boundaries.
* Adaptive and Interactive mesh refinement.
* Problem solution using Cholesky Decomposition or Conjugate Gradient Method with sparse storage.
* Eigenvalue solution using LAPACK.
* (Optionally) Eigenvalue solution using QR iteration with shifts.
* (Optionally) ARPACK support to solve very large eigenvalue problems using sparse storage.
* Generating plots of contours, mesh and gradient on screen.
* Generating Encapsulated Postscript plots of contours and mesh.
* Generating a data file of the mesh to be used by other solvers.
* Can import DXF files generated by CAD programs.
* GUI is avaibale with glut and GTK/GTKGLExt. Needs OpenGL.

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