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A GTK+ widget for rendering MathML documents GtkMathView is a C++ rendering engine for MathML documents. It provides an interactive view that can be used for browsing and editing MathML markup.

GtkMathView can read MathML documents by means of libxml2, gmetadom, and application-specific frontends. It can render MathML documents in a GTK+ window, inside AbiWord with the AbiMathView plugin, and it can export MathML documents to SVG.

When used in a Gtk environment, GtkMathView provides an easily customizable GTK+ widget with support for interactivity, editing, and document decorations.

GtkMathView (>= 0.7.0) does NOT require Gtk to be compiled, its rendering engine is completely platform-independent, new frontends and backends can be easily added.
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