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BESTGUI is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for BEST written in Python and GTK+. The Basic Envisat SAR Toolbox (BEST) is a collection of executable software tools that has been designed to facilitate the use of ESA (the European Space Agency) SAR data. It operates according to user-generated parameter files.

BESTGUI allows you to easily generate parameters files for BEST and launch the processing from the GUI.

The BEST software distribution already includes graphical front-ends.

BESTGUI aims to be an improved GUI front-end for UNIX platforms (it also run on Windows (TM)), with a prettier look and feel and some useful additional features like:

* enhanced menus and toolbars
* persistent preferences
* smart environment handling
* colorized output log
* progress bars for processing completion
* the ability of stopping a running task from the GUI (stop button)
* a dialog for the AoI specification
* output preview for all (and not only) the tools that have an image as output (NEW in v. 0.99c)

Note: BEST is ESA software.
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