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A sleep-research experiment management program, with a scoring facility, power spectra analysis and visualization, and modeling of sleep homeostat. This is project Aghermann, a program ultimately designed to run Process S simulations on Slow-Wave Activity profiles from (human) EEG recordings as outlined in Achermann et al (1993). In this capacity, Aghermann produces a set of sleep homeostat parameters which can be used to describe and differentiate individual sleepers, such as short vs long sleepers, early vs late, etc.

Also included are facilities for displaying EEG and accompanying recordings, such as EOG and EMG, saved in EDF (European Data Format) files. These recordings can then be conveniently scored; scores can be imported/exported in plain ASCII.

Aghermann keeps the recordings in an organized fashion in a tree, following an experimental design commonly used in sleep research, i.e., groups of subjects sleeping several (timed) episodes per session, with recordings from a number of channels.

EEG signals can be manually, per-second filtered for artifacts. The PSD analysis is then performed on clean epochs, greatly enhancing the resulting spectral power profile. Power course profiles can be obtained for an arbitrary frequency range.
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