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Papyrus is not just an application. It is more like a theory; a theory on which much time has been spent in Aseman Team to be designed and implemented.

Theory of Papyrus states that imagine you have a lot of blank papers before you. You can write anything on them you would like without any concerns about how it is going to be kept or what will happen to them. You stick a label on them and then attach as many files as you’d like to them.
Do not worry about where or how it is going to be put and kept and clear your mind from all such concerns. Turn over the present paper and go to next one and only think about writing. Write on and on and fill in thousands of papers with a distress-free mind. A thousand is a small number for Papyrus.
During all this time Papyrus saves and keeps all your writings in its storage (cache).
Say goodbye to crowded lists of hundreds of writings. You can read and edit your writings whenever you want. Just ask Papyrus what you want.
If you are looking for a specific word, say it to Papyrus via the search tool. If you are looking for a specific label, choose the label from the sidebar and if you are looking for some writings modified on a specific date, type the date on the history tool.
Surely many more new, smart and advanced tools will be published for expressing your demands to Papyrus. But for now we are at the beginning and only these tools are presented.
Papyrus tries to sugar-coat writing for you through its simple theory and simplicity of user interface. It tries to make you concentrate only on writing so as to motivate you to write more.
The goal of Papyrus is to inspire people to write diaries, short stories, daily notes, purchase lists, information, etc. as easily and best as possible and more importantly to enjoy writing.
Papyrus attempts to support the habit of writing and motivate the users to write in today’s mechanized world.
We hope to develop and strengthen the theory of Papyrus by relying on your support in order to satisfy you even more, leading to a development in the field of Note Manager Applications.

Leading Team of Aseman

Remarks on Papyrus Application:
Papyrus is a modern note manager published by Aseman Team. It's a fork of Kaqaz Note Manager. by The focus of Papyrus is on a better user interface so that the user can feel a different experience with it. Papyrus has tried to provide faster access bars and present a convenient interface for the users to have an enjoyable time while working on it. Papyrus is a free and open source software written under GPLv3 license.
Note: Papyrus has employed modern technologies such as AndroidAPI-19, Open GL-3, etc. But it does not signify that it won’t run on older devices; however, it may face some problems on your device. Before purchasing the pro edition of Papyrus, please download the free edition.

Notes management by means of labels and categories
Sorting notes by day
A user-interface different from other applications
Advance and Smart searching in notes
To-Do papers
Backing up notes
Encrypted synchronization via Dropbox among all your devices
Supporting left-to-right and right-to-left languages
Sharing papers with other applications
Assigning password for protecting notes
Attach map and weather to note informations automatically
Attaching photos, audio files and folders to any note
Search on papers by location
Capability of running and sync data on all operating systems (Android, Windows, Linux, Mac and soon other operating systems)
Papyrus is a free software.
Canvas for painting
Search on papers using weather and temperature, your notes wrote.
Can move data to sd-card (on old phones)
Status and statistics page for notes
Synchronizing files
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