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This is a multinotes tracker app
For now it provides local notes and a connection to Next-/Owncloud Notes app

Known issues:
after configuration you have to restart the app

New: Flatpak app available

Source code should compile easily with Qt Creator.
Note: you need an appropriate and installed.
If not, the compiler does not fail but you cannot connect to an Own-/Nextcloud-Server Notes app

Last changelog:

Bugfixes 4 months ago

new Flatpak with some bugfixes

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Bugfixes 4 months ago

new Flatpak with some bugfixes

Current Version 4 months ago

Flatpak app available

Actual Version 4 months ago

Only source code is provided
Connection to Own-/Nexcloud Notes app

3 years ago

New: Windows binary available

product-maker lionhater Mar 18 2016

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