Splitalbum is a shntool frontend for Linux. It helps you to cut your audio cd images into separate tracks according to cue sheet. It also uses cuetools and mutagen for tagging and has a Qt GUI. Most of modern audio formats are supported.

Ubuntu Lucid (and later versions) users can install this from ppa:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:melomaniac/splitalbum
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install splitalbum


4 years ago

version 0.7.1:
/ core: fixed few small bugs;

version 0.7:
/ interface: changed statusbar percent indication;
/ core: fixed log unicode bug;
+ core: if cue has no artist/title names, adding "Artist unknown", "Track XX";
+ interface: added bold/italic attributes to distinguish some lines in
splitlist and log;
+ core: fixed few more small bugs;

version 0.6:
+ interface: added tab widget with new 'options' tab;
+ interface: added 'rename output files' lineedit;
+ interface: added 'delete source file' option;
/ interface: now showing only filename in split list;
/ interface: changed status bar font to fixed size and replaced dash with
another progress indicator;
+ core: added ability to skip current job and cancel;
+ interface: added log widget to options tab;
+ interface added clear button for split list and log;

version 0.5.1:
/ core: fixed small bug concerning one-track-images;

version 0.5:
/ interface: main window doesnt fade out when splitting;
+ interface: now you can drop or remove files from list even while
/ core: fixed few more small bugs;

version 0.4:
/ core: fixed unicode support. Now renaming files and writing tags correctly
(tested on chinese, russian and some other);
- interface: removed dirview and file list box;
/ core: when droping two or more .cue files that refer to one image now
adding only one of them.
+ interface: main window is always-on-top;
+ interface: main window's size is a fixed value;

version 0.3:
+ core: added unicode support
note: chardet does not seem to recognize cyrillic letters perfectly
so I have to replace MacCyrillic and EUC-TW encodings with
Windows-1251 (temporarily, I hope);
/ core: moved constants and common functions into separate module;
/ core: when there is a problem with splitting some image, the script does
not stop, it writes error message and goes further the list;
/ core: script does not raise error when image contains only one track;

version 0.2:
+ interface: added Drag & Drop support;
+ core: added ability to rename output files by mask (%artist%, %album%,

version 0.1:
* initial version

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