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NOTE: this is 1.0 BETA aka 0.9.9 Some bugs remains, do not relie on this if you need a very stable way of work.

I am delighted to present my own Qt-app "Rainyday"
Rainyday is designed to help you to efficiently copy a playlist and its content onto a device or in a directory. This is especially usefull if your device does not support MTP (Media Transfer Protocol). For instance:
A MP3 CD that you use in your car
An old MP3 stick
A smartphone (Nokia N900 for example)

Rainyday allow you to copy over the content of the playlist with three different strategies

1) "Keep file architecture" will copy your files with the same directory tree as in the source directory. By doing this you avoid to copy two times the same audio file when you copy two playlist using both the same file.
2) "One folder per playlist" will create a folder with the name of the playlist, and copy all the audio files inside it.
3) "Flat synchronisation" finally, will put all your audio files in the target device (or directory)

Rainyday is designed to support several playlist format. Currently and for 1.0 I only plan to support ".m3u" and ".xspf" format. ".wpl" ".pla" and direct contact to amarok internal db to come hopefully one day... (or night...)

Rainyday allow you to "Embed a m3u file". This option will write a .m3u file at in the target device with relative path to the song copied onto the device. This way, if your device supports .m3u file, you can copy over your playlist to you device in one clic, and you have all your audio files with the same playlist on your device.
I am using it with my Nokia N900, very convenient! (look at the screenshot)

Bugs, comment, advice, applause and insults to be sent to maxime dot haselbauer at googlemail.com Please start email subjects [rainyday]

This app is under GPL. you are free to contribute, but please let me know before, so that we keep it organized.
Sources are hosted on gitorious
Rainyday depends on lib_copy_playlist_backend, which I also host on gitorious

UBUNTU Precise:
# Add my own ppa to your repository sources
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:maxime-haselbauer/wotan
# Alternatively, add those line to your sources
deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/maxime-haselbauer/wotan/ubuntu precise main
deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/maxime-haselbauer/wotan/ubuntu precise main
# Update your sources
sudo apt-get update
# Install rainyday
sudo apt-get install rainyday

Well I might be packaging it for Ubuntu Quantal in a near of far future, but it was already a pain in the ass to package it for precise that you should not have too much hope...
However if you feel the courage to do this, let me know.

Rainyday should be able to run on windows and Mac OSX as well, although I have never tried it. (It is a pure Qt, no dependency to KDE).
You can download the source from the gitorious repository. It use cmake to build also you might have to makes some changes to compile it directly into Qt-creator. Remember also that it depends on copy_playlist_backend, also you'll have to compile it before (should be though..)
Last changelog:

8 years ago

*Initial relase. 1.0 BETA.

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8 years ago

*Initial relase. 1.0 BETA.

product-maker lionhater Jan 16 2013 9 excellent
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