ExMplayer is a free video and audio media player. It supports wide range of media file formats so it can basically be your only media player, replacing all the others that you might have installed on your computer. It can play both songs and movies, and one of the things that makes this ExMplayer interesting is seekview feature which allows you to preview frames when you are rewinding them using the slider.

Some of the key features of ExMplayer:

*Simple to use interface – without complicated themes or menus

*Embedded Seekview feature which enables you to view a frame at particular position without a need to click on the seek position

*Wide range of supported formats – 199 audio and 416 video codecs

*Supported formats are – AVI, MPG, MKV, MP4, MP3, MPEG, WMA, WAV, etc.

*Cut your media file using media cutter

*Extract audio from video file.

*Convert audio from one formmt to other

*Built in 8 audio effect filters and 17 video effect filters

*Family friendly mode

* Playlist allows you to enqueue
media files.Shuffling and looping supported.

*mix video file with audio.

Last changelog:

4 years ago

*Improved Seek View
*Enhanced Skin
*Added webM support
*Some performance improvements

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4 years ago

*Improved Seek View
*Enhanced Skin
*Added webM support
*Some performance improvements

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