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This app allows to fix automatically subtitles with a minimum effort of the user. In fact, the user only has to choose a file (.srt extension by now) or a directory (it can recursively fix a whole directory too) and the app do all the work for you. It\'s results have been tested against other popular sofwares for fixing subtitles with excelent results.
The interface this time was written in Spanish (otherwise my friends and family would not use it). Ahhh, this soft was not made for synchronize subtitles...

Because of zize issues I could\'n upload an installer, so you will need to copy to the root directory of the app these additional libraries:


Enjoy...again ;-)


3 years ago

- Fix subtitles with too long and too short duration (the max and min duration can be changed).
- Fix subtitles with too many characters (the maximux characters per line can be changed).
- Allows to fix a single file.
- Allows to fix an entire directory.
- Fix subtitle\'s overlapping.
- Fix unnecesary characters issues in subts.
- Allows to create a new fixed subtitle with a prefix or a suffix, so you don´t have to lose your original subtitle.
- Allows to change the output directory, so you can export automaticaly the fixed subtitles to another location other than the original.
- Other details...

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