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QT5 version here :

This software (in python3 + Qt4) works with the Mastroka files (mkv).

It can :
- Extract the MKV tracks with mkvextract.

- Verify the MKV file with mkvalidator.

- Clean and optimize the MKV file with mkclean.

- Convert the DTS to AC3 with avconv or ffmpeg.

- View and extract attachment files.

- Auto convert VobSub to Srt with Tesseract.

- Auto re-encapsulate after modification in a new MKV file.

- Other options like rename tracks...

How-to :
0) Choose between French, Czech and English.

1) Open a MKV file (file > Open MKV file)

2) Choose output folder for the tracks (file > Output folder), by default, it\'s the same folder as MKV file.

3a) Use options like mkclean, mkvalidator
3b) Check the tracks to extract.

4) Check the options like convert, re-encapsulate...

5) Execute the work !

If the execute button stay disabled, choose a output folder.

Mandatory dependencies:
- mkvtoolnix
- python3
- python3-pyqt4

Recommended dependencies :
- ffmpeg or avconv (DTS => AC3)

- mkclean (clean the MKV)

- mkvalidator (check the MKV)

- tesseract-ocr (SUB => SRT) +/- tesseract-ocr-fra (Pour les français)

- subptools (ppa or built) or ogmrip (SUB => SRT)

Do not hesitate to ask me questions or give me suggestions for improvements.


1 year ago

- Bug fixed

- Correction de bug

2 years ago


could u port this app to Qt5?


2 years ago



not for now because I'm on another project but I will.


1 year ago


New version in pyqt5 :


2 years ago


Can we add cover art to an existing MKV file?


2 years ago


It's not possible with my software.

For add a file in mkv file, use mkvmerge gui (you can use "Actions > Edit the mkv file" for open this software with your file).

The basic interest of the software was easily edit mkv file containing DTS audio in mkv containing ac3 audio so that the file is readable on the Freebox (french modem).

With the time, I have add options... but I don't want do a duplicate of mkvmerge gui.

I hope I answered your question.

Thank you to use MKV Extractor Qt.


2 years ago


Thank you for the info. Well, I'm trying to remove all gtk cruft from my system, hence I've asked if it's possible with your app. No problem though, the new version of MakeMKV seemingly does this now.



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