The Horde3D Scene Editor
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The Horde3D graphics engine is a lightweight rendering library.

The Horde3D Scene Editor provides an easy to use interface for creating new scenes for Horde3D.

Some of the key features are:

- Interface for creating and modifying Horde3D scene graph files
- Instant resource reloading for files modified outside the editor making it possible to use the editor for shader development
- LUA scripting support for rapid prototying of small applications directly in the editor
- Powerful plugin architecture for integration of game engine functionality and executing game code, physics, etc. directly in the editor
- Cross-platform compatibility
- Open-source code released under the GPL


9 years ago

0.3.0 first public version
0.4.0 linux support, new property editor to change node properties, correct handling of node ids having the same name, support for emitter nodes
0.5.0 many bugfixes, pipeline rendertarget preview, new material editor, translation gizmo, debug geometry
0.6.0 linked against new Horde3D v.0.15.0, new Terrain scene nodes, integrated Pipelines as resources, added 'Save as' feature, new render checkboxes in scene graph view, integrated drag and drop of nodes within a scene tree (actually a shortcut for copy/cut and paste) and again many bugfixes
0.6.1 fixed bug when importing nodes, added configurable smoothing of 8-bit heightmaps
0.7.0 integrated Horde3D v.1.0.0Beta, added orthogonal projected views for top, front, right, added clean scene command to remove unreferenced files, separated Horde3D extensions into plugins, changed camera navigation to avoid problems with gimble lock and mouse events under macintosh, further bug fixes


9 years ago

Hi, while compiling, I get 'undefined reference to...' just after linking.
System is Intel 64bit. The Horde3D libraries in 'bin' are replaced by 64bit versions, as is liblua.a in 'lib'. Even the includes are replaced by those installed in the system. Lua is 5.1.2, Qt is 4.3.4, Horde is 1.0.0beta.
Any suggestions?




8 years ago

Undefined references to what?



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