Valentina is a cross-platform patternmaking program which allows designers
to create and model patterns of clothing. This software allows pattern
creation, using either standard sizing tables or an individual’s set of
measurements. It blends new technologies with traditional methods to create
a unique pattern making tool.


Valentina 6 months ago

Version 0.4.5 October 15, 2016

  • [#435] Valentina doesn't change the cursor.

  • [#473] Tape 'Preferences' cause loss of focus.

  • [#485] Error when drawing a curved path.

  • [#491] Valentina doesn't update fractional separator.

  • [#492] Valentina crashes when add an increment.

  • [#493] Error in seam allowance drawing.

  • [#468] Error - Tape 'Save As' should set 'Read Only' to false.

  • [#501] Rename Window->Close Window to Window->Close pattern.

  • [#515] Seam allowance wrong way.

  • [#494] Printing is not working.

  • [#516] Valentina crashes when use "Point intersect line and axis" instrument.

  • [#483] File lost.

  • Fixed Bisector tool bug. The tool created internal variable for wrong segment.

  • [#526] Dialog Detail is not on top after selection second object on Mac.

  • [#532] Unexpected error occurs when zoom out image.

  • [#537] Valentina crashes when use undo command.

  • [#544] Error: Color Lines are black until touched.

  • [#543] Detail loses details.

  • [#548] Bug Detail tool. Case when seam allowance is wrong.

  • Called the main app in console mode doesn't show opening file error in some cases.

  • [#553] Tape.exe crash. Issue with the Search field.

  • [#569] Tape app. Options that open new file open new instance even if a user doesn't want this.

  • [#539] Infinite alert loop "Gradation doesn't support inches" when loading standard table.

  • [#572] Issue with thousand separator during a formula translations to user.

  • Version 0.4.4 April 12, 2016
  • Updated measurement templates with all measurements. Added new template Aldrich/Women measurements.

  • Updated description measurements N06 and N07. Add new measurements A23 and J10.

  • Fixed GUI issue. After full parse some widgets was incorrectly reseted.

  • [#464] Crash. Issue with modeling node objects.

  • [#463] Wrong export to DXF format.

  • Fixed issue with deleting detail nodes.

  • [#458] Issue with segment of curve.

  • Fixed disappearing curve if start and finish points of a segment are equal.

  • Fixed bug case where an open equidistant point is too far from a main path.

  • [#462] Error while creating Detail/Seam Allowance using points made with True Dart tool.

  • Version 0.4.3 March 6, 2016
  • [#456] Crash: broken formula + clicking on the f(x) symbol.

  • [#454] Crash: using CRTL+Z while using line tool

  • Fixed broken saving pattern description.

  • Fixed UI bug. Release a dialog size for deploying a formula field.

  • Fixed broken formula when for system locale thousand separator is a space.

  • Using QGraphicsScene instead of VMainGraphicsScene caused a crash.

  • Fixed bug disabling tool True darts.

  • Fixed wrong calculation tool True darts.

  • [#405] Fixed crash after deleting first pattern piece in the list.

  • [#421] Fixed warning: unable to set geometry.

  • Version 0.4.2 February 17, 2016
  • Measurement Diagram is not shown on Mac OS X.

  • In dialog 'tool Spline Path' fixed broken selecting new point into the list of points.

  • Regesign dialogs tool 'Spline' and 'Spline Path' for avoiding text squeeze.

  • Fixed getting correct reversed segment for single in the list curve.

  • Fixed triggering validation a detail. Two new cases: has been changed Reverse option and the list
    has been scrolled. Fixed validation when the list conatains only curve.

  • Fixed broken path to measurements after using Save As option.

  • Tool line. Block selecting the same point twice.

  • [#443] Not valid dxf file. libdxf updated to version Fixed drawing subpaths.

  • Fixed combobox width in Dialog "Tool True Dart point".

  • [#441] Broken reference incrementation for tool "True Dart point".

  • [#439] Widen Formula Dialog.

  • Fixed broken tool dialogs "Intersection arcs" and "Point from arc and tangent".

  • [#442] 'Broken Formula' error when using Intersect Circles tool.

  • Version 0.4.1 January 29, 2016
  • [#438] Broken switching pattern pieces.

  • Fixed wrong title for dialog "New pattern".

  • Version 0.4.0 January 27, 2016
  • [#209] New tool for Point from arc and tangent (Draw)

  • [#232] Intersection of Arcs (Draw)

  • [#246] Arc with Given Length (Draw)

  • [#259] Draw free curve path point at distance (Draw)

  • [#301] True darts (Draw)

  • [#73] Seam Allowance - Width

  • [#329] Add ScrollUp/ScrollDown Button in Detail view

  • [#179] Export to DXF

  • [#202] Posterazor feature

  • [#277] Add 'Letter' and 'Legal' to paper size selection

  • [#334] Command Line Support

  • [#290] Add paper type 'Roll - 36" & 'Roll - 44" to 'Create Layout' paper size

  • [#172] Search field for dialog measurements

  • [#181] Better measurements standard

  • [#314] New measurement structure

  • [#275] Add 'Show Curve Details' icon on top menu bar to show/hide control points and curve direction

  • [#282] Add dialog for File/New, update Create Pattern Piece dialog

  • [#284] Remove History icon from work menu, add to top menu

  • [#285] Remove Table of Variables icon from work menu

  • [#286] Add 'Mode' menu picklist to top menu, create enable/disable for design workflow
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