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This Qt 4 & 5 based library makes it easy to distribute changing data objects. It also gives a
central place to find all your systems current data. By using the ArnBrowser, all data
objects are real time presented in a tree view.

I believe ArnLib could be beneficial in a lot of projects. It should be well suited to the following conditions:

[li] A lot of configurations and changing values. ArnLib helps giving out-of-the-box diagnostics and ability to change values not yet available in the custom application user interface.[/li]
[li] Hardware with a lot of sensors and controls. Arnlib helps giving a common interface and diagnostic.[/li]
[li] Distributed systems. ArnLib helps giving an out-of-the-box data sharing system that replicates Arn objects.[/li]
[li] Networked services by RPC (remote procedure call). Will be quite the same as setting up slots for local calls. Also calling a remote slot can be done via a signal or a direct call. You can find an easy example in the ArLib package, showing a simple chat Client and Server.[/li]
[li] Customization with scripts. Helps giving integration of Java Script to C++ and objects stored in the Arn Registry.[/li]
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